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(Dreams are Priority)

Settlewise International recognizes that the world which was once considered a small family now has transformed into a Global Village. Everyone whether it is an individual or a corporate house both rely on global exchange of resources, to advance their endeavors. People are now migrating internationally for their personal and professional benefit and to avoid the complications of immigration laws and shift focus from the most important subject in the entire process- the dream. People and their dreams are the most significant aspect of every immigration process.

Settlewise International primarily focus on building long-lasting client relationships. Settlewise International’s primary objective is to use the team’s expertise knowledge, skills and technological resources to vanish anxiety and provide peace of mind to the people. A huge success in Studywise International, there were multiple inquiries for Canada pr consultancy in Ahmedabad and immigration consultants for Canada pr which threw a ray of light of coming up with Settlewise International which would exclusively focus on helping people to achieve their dream of settling abroad.



After achieving dreams of hundreds of students in past 2 years for studying in abroad did not happen by chance but by a single-minded dedication to our purpose. Likewise, Settlewise has been started with a purpose of helping people pursue opportunities beyond the boundaries. We strongly believe that an individual must aim to achieve his or her full potential and must be given a fair chance based on the merit and capability.

Our core competency lies in being a career and immigration counselor where we inspire, motivate, counsel, convince and persuade. We see ourselves as someone to whom people come with a dream that they aspired for all life, with confidence to fulfil their dream.

We firmly believe that going abroad changes a person’s outlook of life for the better. The impact spills over to his family, to his community, his industry, and country. A single man abroad not only repatriate’s money but also builds networks, businesses, exchanges ideas and becomes a global citizen. and what we do affects lives and livelihood and that is why we take our work very seriously.

While enjoying this position we are ever grateful to our families, parents, teachers, and communities who helped us reach here. Come, let’s build a borderless world together.

Hemang Sahani
Founder & CEO

canada immigration consultants ahmedabad

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a document that permits a person to work and live in one of the Canadian province or territory. It comes with several responsibilities and may be revoked in case the holder does not obey the Canadian residency obligations or is found guilty of conducting criminal activities in the country.

The Canadian Citizenship can typically be obtained after a period of three years of Permanent residence in Canada.

A Canadian Permanent Resident Card is a small, secured plastic card which contains the cardholder’s personal details and confirms the holder’s status as a Permanent Resident of Canada.

Yes. Since 1977, the Canadian country has permitted its citizens to hold multiple or dual citizenship. This means that a citizen of Canada will not lose his/her Canadian citizenship in case he/she retains his/her native nation’s citizenship.

The Provincial Nominee program was instituted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to permit different provinces and territories of Canada to select individuals who have required skills and experience for filling in the position of work which cannot be done by existing workforce in Canada and further contribute to the economic development of the country. Most territories and provinces within the country take part in the Provincial Nominee programs.

Yes. An individual can apply only for a Temporary Work Permit or in combination with an application for an immigration visa. CIC recognizes dual intent, whereby an individual can work in Canada on temporary basis and thereafter live and work in the country permanently.

The need for a student visa majorly depends on the length of the course. If the course duration is less than six months, then there is no need for a student visa. However, if the course duration is more than six months, you must apply for a student visa.

No, there is no eligibility occupation list prevalent currently under the Federal Skilled Worker Visa category. Applicants of this category must have a minimum one-year work experience in the last 10 years in a National Occupation Classification (NOC) code types O, A and B.


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